Journal: Intentionality

Maybe it’s out of habit or just in my personality to over-apologize, but when I first sat down to write … More

Fall Uniform

For a girl who predominately wears black and various shades of grey, you would think that owning a leather jacket … More

Looking Forward

Have you ever had an out of body experience in the middle of a moment and realize that one day … More

Relentless Summer

Even as introverts, we’ll admit that there’s only so much lazing around a person can do. After a month full … More

Back Again

The sweltering summer sun finally let up enough for a bit this past weekend for us to return to an … More

Summertime Happiness

Over the weekend, we finally ventured out of our air conditioned apartments to bask in the best summer can offer. … More

Westside Story

With summer vibes in the air, our wanderlust was at a high and so we took a mini road trip … More

The Sweet Return

We all know (maybe a little too well) how awkward first dates can be. The opposite can be said about … More


None of our trips to the Griffith Observatory are ever the same. Every time we go, we have new stories … More