Dear Little Apartment

Dear Little Apartment,

We tried to leave you earlier this summer. I resented you when we couldn’t. Even still, you’ve continued to be a safe haven this year. 

Like the Room of Requirement, you’ve magically transformed yourself into whatever we might need: a classroom for me and my students; into a restaurant for a date night in; into a calm yoga studio; into a private movie theater; and everything in between. You’ve become a cozy space where all living beings can grow—namely, humans and plants. You’re a center stage where LA’s light can dance around freely. 

You’ve been a witness to it all this year—the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. You’ve held space for all my feelings–big or small. Thank you for being there for me–without judgement and without fail.

Whenever it will be our time to leave you, I know I’ll miss you terribly. I will look back on you fondly as I get older. I grew up a whole lot within your walls. Most of our 20s were spent in this small space, and now also the beginnings of our 30s. You saw Brandon through graduate school. You sheltered me through some pretty tough days at work.

I know I don’t clean you as often as I should, but thank you for all that you are and all that will continue to be for us as we prepare to celebrate another holiday season and welcome another new year here. Thank you for being a model for how I can also continue to come home safely to myself each day.

I love you.

Jasmine & Brandon