Getting Unneutral about Neutrals: A Minimalist’s Dive into Dressing with Colors


Is it just me or have all of our favorite ethical fashion brands been absolutely killing it lately with their 2020 Spring Collections? Release after release has gotten me really excited and has gotten me willing to even try out some color! I don’t even know who I am anymore with all of these colors popping into my wardrobe.

I’m not a big fan of hauls (though it is a guilty pleasure of mine to watch them) as I don’t want to promote overconsumption, but I do want to share the special things I’ve added to my Spring/Summer wardrobe (so far). I just can’t wait until my Spring Closet Update in June! So here we are…



When it comes to linen, I always go Sotela. My dream of a cactus colored top has come true with this gorgeous Lyla Crop. Over the years, I’ve amassed not one, but four of these linen tanks from Sotela (cream, black, mustard, and now avocado)! In my small wardrobe, there’s not much room for repeats, but these are that good! I look forward to bringing them out each and every Spring/Summer season. I couldn’t resist adding another one to my collection this year. In these chilly Spring days that LA has been having, I’ve been enjoying pairing my linen pieces with my knits. After a lot of rain last week though, I am so ready for sunshine and 70° days, and of course, lots and lots of linen!

While I have had my ups and downs with Instagram (more downs in 2020), the thing that keeps me coming back are the connections I’ve made here in this space. One of my favorite friendships that has blossomed from here is mine with Hanna, the founder of Sotela. She is one of the most hilarious, most brilliant, kindest, and hardest working souls that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Since she’s moved Sotela from her home to a studio that’s only 10 miles away from me, I’ve been so lucky to have spent a few afternoons in her beautiful studio. Those afternoons were filled with lots of laughing, lots of exchanging of ideas, and lots of dreaming (aka scheming) of our futures—all over boba of course. I’ve been asking who made my clothes for over two years now by shopping ethically and minimally, but getting to know who made them has given those clothes even more meaning and life. Seeing Hanna plan and design her latest collection that launched today with such passion, intention, and joy made me love and appreciate the clothes I have from her even more.

Wearing: Eileen Fisher Renew Zip Cardigan (gifted), Sotela Lyla Crop in Avocado (gifted), Sotela Lena Pants (black), and Nisolo Isla Slides

Use “jazzy10” for 10% off any and all future Sotela orders. I don’t make any commission from the code.



I first fell in love with the Hemp Utility Jacket from Back Beat Co last Fall when they came out with a delicious mustard one. Unfortunately, by the time I pulled the trigger to finally buy this hemp jacket, the mustard was sold out but then I fell madly in love with this beautiful Ocean blue color. I haven’t worn my denim jacket in a while but have kept it around since it’s such a classic and a closet essential. I think though this might take my denim jacket’s place when it’s finally time to declutter once shelter in place is over.

Wearing: Back Beat Co Hemp Utility Jacket, Old Madewell Graphic Tee, Muji Organic Cotton Wide Leg Pants, Nisolo Ama Mules (gifted)



Tradlands is another brand that I’ve been so lucky to build a relationship over the years. Last Spring, I brought some color in with them and did a fun photoshoot with Sally centering around the color yellow. They really crushed it this year with their slow releases of the Jude Sweater and the Nico Dress. I was so lucky to have received both through our partnership, and I have had a hard time taking either off since receiving them last week. Both pieces have been worn multiple times in a week’s time.

I was wearing this beautiful and cozy sweater in surf blue the other day and chillin’ on the couch. Brandon did a double take and even said that I looked really cute. He rarely ever says things like that, so that’s a sign of how great this collection is–especially the colors! This surf blue is such a special color and I’m so happy to have it in my wardrobe. It’s given me a part of the ocean during this time where we can’t dip our toes into the sand or the water.

The Nico dress is basically my dream dress: made with two of my favorite materials–linen and tencel; comes in black; has deep pockets; and is loose and flowy. It’s such an easy piece that makes me feel both like a little girl who wants to frolick in a field of flowers, and a chic, effortless woman who has her life together all at the same time. It couldn’t have come out at a better time now that I’m working from home for the next foreseeable future.

Wearing:  Tradlands Nico Dress (partially gifted), Veja Esplar Sneakers, Tradlands Jude Sweater in Surf Blue (partially gifted), Muji Organic Cotton Wide Leg Pants, Nisolo Ama Mules (gifted)

I’m so thankful to have a partnership with brands that work are a true collaboration between the two of us. I was given some store credit and a discount code to shop their Spring collection in exchange for a post. Thank you to the team at Tradlands! 



You’ve probably seen beautiful clay necklaces adding a bit of spice to my rather basic outfits. I own several Hey Moon Design necklaces, but these are my first pair of earrings. They’re called the Centaurus. I love the astrological meaning behind the names in her collection. According to the website, “in Greek mythology [centaurus] represents the altar where the gods made offerings and a place to sacrifice to the Olympian gods.” I absolutely adore this yellow color, Araw. I also thought it’d be fun to get a hair clip now that my hair is slowly growing into its natural lion’s mane. Both of these pieces will be fun to wear in my Zoom meetings to dress up all the loungewear I’ve been wearing these days.


I’ve been allowing myself to be a little looser with my low buy rules during this time. I want to support the brands I love, and I’m so lucky that I get to be able to do that (even/especially during these times). I’m still trying to be really mindful and conscious of what I buy, making sure that they’re not impulse buys and that they fill a gap in my wardrobe. Well I can safely say that these colorful pieces do fill a much needed gap in my otherwise pretty neutral wardrobe. These colors bring me so much joy. Perhaps this is a the start of a new, more colorful chapter in my minimalism journey.