Isolation Diaries No. 2


Even though we’ve been confined to our 400 sq. ft apartment and our surrounding neighborhood, I’ve been finding myself taking more photos throughout our days–just little joys and moments that have made me happy while we’ve been in isolation. As much as I will remember this time being hard for us (and for everyone around the world), I also want to remember those small, joyful moments in between.


I like lists so here’s a list of some little joys I’ve had during these last 24 days…

Sound of rain falling. Catching the sunset through the windows. Our houseplants scattered throughout our apartment. Citrus trees around our neighborhood. Fresh flowers. Fresh air. New clothes. Favorite clothes. The feeling of my paintbrush moving across the page. Palo santo. Our little patio. Warmth of the sun on my skin. Scented candles. Essential oils in our diffuser. A hot shower. Chocolate chip cookies. Taco night. Stocked shelves at the grocery store. Peek of blue skies after the rain. Palm tree silhouettes. Pancakes. Hashbrowns. Comfort food. Finding just the right position on our couch for optimum lounging. Leggings.


Milk tea. Soft and cozy sweatshirts. Music that makes you dance. Music that makes you sing and dance. Music that fits your exact mood. Sleeping in. Afternoon naps. Driving with the windows down. Surprise hugs. The Office. Catching up with friends. Friends checking up on you. Coronavirus Memes. Good hair days. Disney Plus. Slow mornings. Hearty breakfasts. A squeaky clean apartment. Muji 0.38 gel pens. Leftovers of a meal that we loved. Being safe and healthy at home.