Closet Update: Fall 2019


I can’t believe that this is the last Closet Update of this year, of the decade! These were some of my favorite posts to write each month, and now I’m looking forward to reflecting at the end of each season. I’m not quite sure what came over me this season, but as you will soon see, it was a pretty spend happy season. Strangely enough though, I didn’t add too many sweaters into my wardrobe, which are the usual culprit for how I spend money during this time of year.

This season was the first season of my new direction for how I want to approach brand partnerships, and I’m happy to say that four brands were on board: Tradlands, Pamut, Eileen Fisher, and Sotela. Other than Eileen Fisher, the other three brands agreed to move into a different kind of partnership where I pay for part of the pieces I received from them rather than receiving them completely. Eileen Fisher became my very first sponsored post where they paid me per Instagram post as well as gifted me some pieces for that campaign. Fall was a busy season–both in my life and in my wardrobe, but I have zero regrets through it all.


Eileen Fisher Eddy Patent Leather Platform Oxfords ($205) bought on 10/25/19


Madewell Cali Demi-Boot Jeans 
($40) bought on 09/22/19

Tradlands Shelter Cardigan (& Les Femmes Natural Tote) (partially gifted: was given $100 store credit and 30% off / paid $104 total) bought on 10/08/19

Pamut Basil Linen Pants (partially gifted: was given 50% off / paid $114) bought on 10/11/19

Everlane Long-Sleeve Waffle Tee (Black), Air Oversized V-Neck Tee (White), and Air Cami (Oatmeal) ($77) bought on 10/20/19

Eileen Fisher Renew Zip Cardigan & Eileen Fisher Lofty Recycled Cashmere Box-Top (gifted) received on 10/31/19

Madewell High-Waisted Skinny Jeans (black) (thrifted via Poshmark, $40) bought on 11/04/19

Eileen Fisher Linen Striped Top ($55) bought on 11/04/19

Sotela Verano Black Corduroy Jacket (gifted) received on 11/05/19

Everlane Air V-Neck Tee (Black & Grey) ($20 credit used, $30 paid) bought on 11/20/10

Sotela Pocket Cacoon Dress (partially gifted 30%, paid $146) bought on 11/23/19

Free People Easy Street Tunic Sweater (yellow) (thrifted via Poshmark, $85) bought on 12/03/19

Mien Lakeside Jumpsuit (saddle brown) (sample sale, $50) bought on 12/08/19

TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS: +15 in everyday capsule



Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny (Black)
Levis Skinny Jeans
Educated Earthling More Kindness Less Judgement Tee
Frank & Oak Grey Sweater
Rag & Bone Cashmere Ribbed Sweater
Striped Sweater from Paris
APC Dark Denim Jacket (gave to Brandon)
Zara Oversized Grey Cardigan
Everlane Soft Cotton Square Cardigan
Anthropologie Rainbow Knit Sweater
Madewell Ribbed Grey Sweater
Madewell Cropped White Tee
Yuvita Linen Tank
Madewell Olive Surplus Jacket (demoted to a rainy day jacket)


Everlane Renew Fleece Sweatshirt
Beyond Yoga Tank
Pact Leggings x 2




This season I rediscovered my love for jeans! Up until October, it had been a pretty jean-less year. I practically lived in wide leg pants, dresses, and jumpsuits before now. I started missing the easiness of jeans and decided to give a pair from Madewell a try. While I know full well that Madewell is not an ethical brand, I am allowing myself to buy jeans from them from now on (though I promise I will check secondhand options first). I’ve given ethical denim a try, and ethical brands are just not where they need to be when it comes to inclusive sizing and styles for my body shape. While I’m lucky to be able to fit into the sizes that Everlane offers in some of their jeans, I was limited by the styles I could choose from.

I used to be pretty rigid about shopping ethically—making sure that ALL my purchases were ethical or sustainable, l but I’m slowly realizing that it’s not all black and white, as most things related to ethics are not. It’s rather more like a delicate dance of being patient so that you can find what you’re looking for, while also not settling for anything less than what you actually want and what you’ll actually wear, while also working within your budget and lifestyle. Before I flexed on my views, I was limiting myself to what ethical or secondhand pieces I could find that worked for me—limiting my style in the process. Meanwhile, I was pinning and saving looks that involved jeans, and truly believed that only thin girls could wear high-waisted straight jeans with a tee tucked into it…until now.

Now, I feel like me. I feel like my wardrobe is more complete. I look how I want to look, and I flipping love it. There’s nothing more that makes me feel like myself than an all black outfit. I wear something like this at least multiple times a week now. My search for jeans is over. I won’t be wasting anymore time or resources on finding my perfect jeans. These are it! These are just some random thoughts that have been rolling around in my head for the last few months, and I’m not looking to debate them. If there’s anything I’ve learned from this journey these last 2.5 years, it’s that what’s ethical, sustainable, and minimal to you is different to what they are for others—and that is 100% okay!

I am at a point now where I feel really, really good with where my wardrobe is at. I feel like I’ve replaced old pieces with pieces I truly love. There’s no stand-in piece waiting for the perfect one to come and replace it. I feel like I have enough variety within my wardrobe to allow for the different seasons and for my different moods. This is why I’m entering 2020 with a different mindset. I’ll be doing a Low Buy Challenge for next year, so I’m hoping that these Closet Updates will be a little skimpier in the year(s) to come. You can read all about my challenge over on this blog post.