Five Days of Eileen Fisher Renew



There have been few pinch-me moments, but this collaboration with Eileen Fisher was one of them. What an honor it was to be one of five women chosen for this campaign to feature pieces from Eileen Fisher Renew and Eileen Fisher. I’ve admired Eileen Fisher ever since I started my journey into sustainable and ethical fashion. It is often one of the brands that I look through when I’m scrolling through Poshmark. Through this collaboration though, I learned that they were a certified b-corp and they’re so very committed to circular design.

They were so kind and sent me quite a few pieces, but I decided to keep only a few of them in an effort to keep my wardrobe small and curated. Also, in an effort to remain aligned with my new direction, I used some of the money that they paid me per post to give back to this amazing brand and buy some pieces from them. Over five days, I wore (and rewore) two sweaters–this mustard yellow beauty and a cardigan from EF Renew. Scroll through to learn more about them!

As soon as I started to scroll through EF’s website, I fell madly in love with the Lofty Recycled Cashmere Box-Top sweater. It’s made from 70% recycled cashmere. It is the sweater of my dreams! Some of the finest cashmere clothes are made in Italy, but some bits get left behind, and so Eileen Fisher takes these leftovers, recycles it into new yarn, and makes beautiful clothes like this! My love for mustard yellow is snowballing this season. It is the perfect pop of color to my otherwise very monochromatic Fall/Winter wardrobe. I paired it with my Mien Studio pants that you’ve seen time and time again, and my other obsession–these Eddy Patent Leather Platform Oxford shoes!


eileen fisher lofty recycled cashmere box-top (gifted), mien studio pants, eileen fisher eddy patent leather platform oxfords, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag (secondhand)



This sweater is the first thing I fell in love with when I received my box full of goodies! It has been the perfect thing to throw over basic outfits like this and gives off the perfect amount of grandpa vibes. It is made from the softest merino wool, and the best part is that it is secondhand! Since 2009, Eileen Fisher Renew has taken back over 1.2 million pieces to either be resold over at EF Renew or transformed into works of art using a custom felting method. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to give this cardigan a new home! It also works great as a sweater on its own when it’s zipped up (and when worn with a cute bralette and some confidence). Before this collaboration, I’ll admit I didn’t know that EF Renew existed and had been thrifting EF pieces from Poshmark or been trying to luck out at thrift stores, but a whole new opportunity is open to us now!


eileen fisher renew zip cardigan (gifted), everlane air v-neck tee, madewell cali demi boot jeans, eileen fisher eddy patent leather platform oxfords, tradlands les femmes natural tote



Here’s the cardigan again popped over my Mien jumpsuit that you’ve also seen so many times here on the blog. I’ve noticed a seeming conflict in styles lately–some days I want to embody a cool, effortless hipster girl (like in Days 1 & 2) and then other days I want to embody an artsty minimalist (like in this outfit), and for a while, I tried to force myself to choose one direction, but the fact of the matter is, I may be one person but there are different parts to me and so there will naturally be different moods for how I dress. As long as it brings me joy, I will continue to dress how I want.


eileen fisher renew zip cardigan (gifted), mien lakeside jumpsuit, nisolo ama mules (gifted), mansur gavriel mini bucket bag (secondhand)



This is the Fall version to this outfit from earlier this Spring. I am really loving these colors together and have a feeling that this combo is going to be seen a whole lot this season…just waiting for the sun to stop loving LA so much and give us some actual sweater weather during the day. This is the third mustard yellow piece I’ve added into my closet this season. The other two pieces are a cardigan I thrifted from crossroads and a beanie that you’ll see in day five’s look. I think that’ll be it for me for now because as you may know, I’ve tried mustard yellow in my wardrobe in year’s past but would end up decluttering it from lack of wears. That doesn’t seem to be the fate of this sweater though!


eileen fisher lofty recycled cashmere box-top (gifted), muji organic cotton wide leg pants, nisolo ama mules (gifted), mansur gavriel mini bucket bag (secondhand)



This outfit fulfills my ultimate hipster persona dreams. I never knew I needed a yellow beanie in my life until my eyes fell upon this one when we were window shopping one weekend. It has been perfect for dirty hair and is the perfect touch of color for when I’m wanting to color but not too much of it. I also have forgotten how much I love a good striped t-shirt. I’ve missed having one in my wardrobe so I picked this one up and it is the made of linen, which has been perfect for the warm Fall we’re having.


eileen fisher renew zip cardigan (gifted), eileen fisher linen striped t-shirt, madewell cali demi boot jeans, marais ankle boots (secondhand), madewell cuffed beanie, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag (secondhand)

Thank you to Eileen Fisher for partnering with me for five days! It was such an honor to work with a brand that is truly making waves in the fashion industry. For full transparency: I was paid per Instagram post, was gifted 3 pieces, and used some of the money I was paid to give back to the brand by buying the shoes and the striped tee.