The Case for 5 Black Jumpsuits in a Capsule Wardrobe


Jumpsuits are having a serious moment in my wardrobe right now. This past week alone, I wore a jumpsuit 4 out of the 7 days, and it has been GLORIOUS. They’re just as easy as dresses to slip on, but somehow, they’re a little cooler and looks like you tried just a bit harder to get ready that morning. My obsession with jumpsuits has definitely grown over the last year. I remember before working up the courage to wear one just last Summer, I had always put them in the category for tall and thin women. It wasn’t until I fell in love with my Mien Lakeside Jumpsuit (my first jumpsuit that you’ve seen time and time again) that I said to hell with those silly notions and really began to dress for me.


Out of the 64 items in my wardrobe, 5 of them are jumpsuits and of course, all of them are black: Mien Lakeside Jumpsuit; Free People Heartbreak Jumper; MeMi Collective Romper; Hackwith Design House Balloon Jumper; and this new addition, the Tradlands Finn Jumpsuit. Each one is slightly different and therefore serve different purposes for my different moods.

I’ve hemmed and hawed over the fact that I have 5 jumpsuits while chasing minimalism these last few years, and have definitely tried to let one of them go during my rounds of decluttering, but I just can’t. I used to feel like I was doing minimalism all wrong for having multiples of similar items (i.e. 5 black jumpsuits, 6 black dresses, 3 grey cardigans, etc), but just like with letting go of the notion that jumpsuits were for tall and thin women, I’m starting to let go of the notion that minimalism (or even a capsule wardrobe) is all about low numbers. It’s so much more than that. I’m finding that minimalism is about joy—purposeful joy. It’s about consciously choosing to own things and to keep things that bring you joy in your life. And if having 5 black jumpsuits, 3 grey cardigans, and 6 black dresses brings me a whole lot of joy then so be it!


ABOUT THIS JUMPSUIT || I’m so happy to be partnering with Tradlands again this season. I had a blast adding them into my wardrobe in the Spring, so when they reached out again to try out their very first jumpsuit, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! This jumpsuit is made out of a black linen and tencel fabric that makes this feel like my fanciest jumpsuit out of the bunch. It has just the right amount of structure, while still being loose and comfortable. I love that it has a detachable sash belt with no belt loops so that there are two different ways to wear it. I prefer it with the belt, but it’s definitely nice to have both options! It comes with 4 handy patch pockets. I loved wearing it with sneakers to run some errands this weekend, but I can totally see it year round with some easy slides, ankle booties, and different accessories.


tradlands fin jumpsuit (gifted), veja x madewell fruit embroidered esplar sneakers, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag (thrifted), ray ban hexagonal sunglasses (thrifted)

I feel pretty content with the 5 jumpsuits I have in my capsule wardrobe right now, so I’m not making a case for me to get anymore. But! I am making a case to have repeats in your capsule wardrobe if it makes you happy and if it works for your lifestyle!