Going Low Waste in My Shower


A goal I’ve had this year in this low waste journey of mine is to reduce my plastic in my bathroom, particularly in my shower. I didn’t realize just how much plastic Brandon and I could consume in such a small space–body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, skin care, lotion, etc. until I took a closer look at all the plastic around me.

And so when Lush reached out to me to try out their Naked line, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been a huge fan of Lush for years, but I made sure to do my research this time to ensure that their efforts towards sustainability and ethical practices were authentic. After reading my good friend, Holly’s article–Lush Cosmetics: The Good, The Bad, and The Green–my conscious gave me the go ahead with this partnership. (For full transparency: I was generously gifted these products with no obligation to post or write about them.) And man, oh man, am I so glad that I took the plunge! Spoiler alert: Lush has definitely hooked me back in!


I’m very sensitive to sodium laurel sulfates, and so most of the products I chose were SLS free! Here’s the list of products I chose:





I also took this opportunity to do two things: 1) give our little bathroom a bit of a makeover with a shower plant, some new shower caddies, and these darling wooden soap dishes; and 2) to try out another brand, Meow Meow Tweet. From Meow Meow Tweet, I bought (with my own money) their baking soda free deodorant cream (in grapefruit); repair balm; lavender coconut milk shampoo bar; tangerine basil body soap; and pink rose clay facial soap.


My only previous experience with bar soap was when my dad would bulk buy Irish Spring from Costco, and I remember thinking, even as a kid, that my skin felt so dry after showering. After giving all of these a try for the last month, my perception of bar soap has definitely changed for the better. I’m now resolved to make the switch to bar soaps for as many of the things that I can get away with (even thinking of getting a solid dish soap).

My favorites from this month have been:

  • Lush Bohemian Bar Soap: The scent is absolutely HEAVENLY! I get so excited every time I shower because I get to smell this citrusy goodness! I think this will forever be our body wash because I just love it so much! This one doesn’t have SLS! This body soap was a lot more gentle than Meow Meow Tweet’s tangerine basil body soap.
  • Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream (Grapefruit): I had a really, really bad reaction to a natural deodorant that contained baking soda, and so while my pits healed, I was on the hunt for one without baking soda. I’ve been loving this one this summer (and man has it been a spicy one to test this out!).
  • Lush Movis Facial Soap: This facial soap is giving my beloved Glossier Milky Jelly a run for its money! I love how gently this exfoliates my skin. This doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry at all! This is also free of SLS.
  • Lush’s Soak and Float Shampoo & Sugar Daddy-O Conditioner: I was a little hesitant to try out their shampoo bars since I had trouble finding one without SLS. The Soak and Float does contain SLS, but I ultimately chose this one because it claims to help with dry and itchy scalps like mine. Let me tell you, this has helped quite a bit, especially since in the Summertime when oil build up is real. The Sugar Daddy-O Conditioner also contains SLS but also doesn’t irritate my scalp. I’m in love with both of these products and can’t wait to try out more of Lush’s Naked hair products.
  • Lush’s Therapy Massage Bar: Oh my goodness. This smells SO good. I really hate getting massages, but with this baby I can give myself one! This has some of my favorite scents: orange, neroli, and lavender. I like to use this after a hard yoga session, and I know that this will come in handy once the school year ramps up again!


I’m so glad to have been gently pushed to go low waste with our shower routine. Brandon has commented on how much nicer our shower is now. With all these products, our bathroom smells like a Lush store and we’re not mad about it at all! We still have a long way to go with our low-waste journey, but we sure are making some progress with all these baby steps!

Thank you Lush for gifting me these products to try! You’ll see me very soon at your stores buying up a huge block of the Bohemian soap and other Naked products!