Closet Update: June 2019


A lot happened in June: went on a weekend desert trip with Sally and Brandon; said goodbye to a group of 24 students I’ve had for the last two years; said goodbye to 2 teammates of the last 3 years (but said hello to lifetime friendships); joined a yoga studio and committed myself to at least 1 year of yoga; and celebrated 5 years together with Brandon. To be honest, with all that was going on, clothes (and being a blogger/Instagrammer) was the last thing on my mind.

Even so, I managed to pick up a few things in this month.



Suunday Pullover in Dew 
($76) bought on 06/02/19 — I loved this pullover so much in Sienna that I bought it in Dew! This sweater has been perfect for the chillier gloomy June mornings and Summer evenings.

Yuvita Linen Tank ($64) bought on 06/23/19 — I’ve become absolutely obsessed with linen tanks this season! I don’t wear much else these days: It’s been a heavy rotation of my three Lyla Crops from Sotela and my thrifted linen Madewell tank, and so I picked up this breezy tank while we were walking around Highland Park on an easy Sunday morning.

Boheme La Tierra Tank ($76) bought on 06/23/10 — This top caught my eye while scrolling on Instagram months ago, but it was always sold out. It is made from salvaged fabric, and so when it was available (and 20% off), I had to jump on it. I cannot wait to receive it in the mail!

Educated Earthling More Kindness Less Judgement Tee (gifted) received on 06/26/19 — I live in graphic tees all year round, but especially during the Summer. I couldn’t resist saying yes to Educated Earthling when they offered me a tee from their darling collection!

TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS: +4 in everyday capsule

Nisolo Isla Woven Sandals
($50) thrifted via Poshmark, bought on 06/05/19 — I practically live in my black pair of these sandals so when I saw a woven pair on Poshmark in my size, I bought it without much thought and I have zero regrets!


Sotela Luna Wrap Dress
(gifted) received on 06/03/19 — I hemmed and hawed over whether to put this dress in my Everyday Capsule Wardrobe or in my Occasion Wear Wardrobe and I eventually settled on putting it in my Occasion Wear for special occasions, knowing full well that I could pull it out for a more casual outing if I wanted. (Get 10% off any Sotela order with code: Jazzy10 — I don’t get any commission from this code! I just get to share the love!)

TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS: +1 in occasion wear



Everlane Linen Picnic Top
MeMi Everyday Dress
Anthropologie Beaded Beach Pants




I’m honestly really close to letting go of all my jeans–mostly because I hardly wear them and because I just think I’ll always favor wide leg pants from now until the end of time! I think I’m getting ready to finally say goodbye to skinny jeans so that I can make more room for wide leg pants, particularly linen wide leg pants. I fell in love with the Hackwith Design House linen pair that I thrifted back in April (and to think I almost let them go because they weren’t black!). I’m currently saving up for the Sotela Lena Pant because I think a black linen pair of wide leg pants is missing from my wardrobe. Maybe I’ll get lucky again and can thrift a pair!

With all that happened this month, I was all about comfort–more than I usually am. I stuck to what’s quickly becoming my summer uniform of wide leg pants, one of my linen tanks (good chances it was one of the three Lyla Crop from Sotela that I own), and a pair of slides.  I wasn’t really feeling inspired to dress creatively, and I actually had to become okay with that over the course of this month. It’s just been one of those months where I’ve become exhausted (and maybe a little jaded) chasing minimalism after two years. (You can read more about that over on this blog post.) And so, I took a step back from posting on Instagram and didn’t really feel inclined to write all that many blog posts this month. I also took a step back from being super diligent with my wear count and with sifting through my clothes to see what I can declutter. I’ve noticed that every time I step away from Instagram or blogging, I dress more for me and my desire to shop lessens.

I need a hard reset of my consumer habits, so I’m joining thousands in the Slow Fashion Season: 3 months, 10,000 people, no new clothes. The rules are simple: for the next three months, I will be not buying anything new (I’m also going to be trying my hardest to not buy anything secondhand as well). This will also include me taking a pause on brand sponsorships that I haven’t already committed to prior to this challenge.

It’s been about a year now since I started these monthly closet updates. I started last July. And boy have I learned a lot about my consumer habits! I think though because I’m still thinking month to month in terms of buying and decluttering, I may not be thinking as intentionally or with as much longevity in mind as I could. Therefore, I’m going to be switching over my monthly closet updates to seasonal ones, with the hope that I shop (or don’t shop) more for the seasons in mind rather than just for the month and my mood at the very moment.

And so my next closet update won’t be until the end of September where I’ll be summing up all that I buy, declutter, and learn for the Summer season.

Until then!