Closet Update: May 2019


May came and went so quickly! It felt like only yesterday I was reflecting and writing April’s Closet Update, but here we are with the next one! I said last month that I’d try not to shop for the month of May, and for the most part I stuck to that–thanks to the May 30×30 challenge. As you will see though, I did treat myself to a few pieces even still. Some of those Memorial Day sales were too temping to resist!



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Mien Painters Button Shirt Jacket in Saddle Brown
($140) bought on 05/12/19 — Mien has become one of my favorite ethical fashion brands. This is now the fifth piece I own from them, and I’m pretty sure it will not be the last.

Movint Palm Springs Tee ($35) bought on 05/24/19 — This was a bit of an impulse purchase on a wild Friday night where Brandon and I actually hit the town rather than staying in like we usually do. I saw this tee and a 30% off storewide sign in the window and it was game over for me. Sometimes though, impulse buys can be some of the best purchases just because of how right your instincts can be sometimes.

Muji Organic Cotton Rayon Tuck Straight Skirt ($39) bought on 05/25/19 — I’ve been contemplating if I should add a skirt to my wardrobe seeing as how I have none, so when I stumbled upon this one at Muji, I had to have it. It reminds me so much of the wide leg pants I have from them, and it has pockets! I can’t wait to get this back from the tailor so I can wear it all throughout Spring/Summer.

Suunday Pullover in Sienna ($62) bought on 05/27/19 — Omg color! I think after living with a mostly black wardrobe, I’m slowly wanting to add in some color back into my wardrobe, especially with Summer coming around the corner. I loved falling back in love with my Suunday Gauze Dolman top during the 30×30 challenge, and I’ve been lusting after these two pieces from Suunday for a while. I just wasn’t ready to pull the plug on them until after playing with a bit of color this month.

TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS: +4 in everyday capsule

Girlfriend Collective Black Comprehensive High-Rise Legging (& Black Topanga Bra)($86 total)
bought on 05/12/19 — I couldn’t resist this Mother’s Day offer of having $20 off a bra & legging set from Girlfriend Collective. 

Free Label Betty Tank ($44) bought on 05/29/19 — Consider me influenced, but when I saw Hanna rock this tank from Free Label with some wide leg pants, I knew I had to have it! It just looked so perfect to add into my loungewear/gym wear capsule (any maybe to wear on the hot summer days to come).

Everlane Air Oversized Crew, Madewell Black Whisper Tee, Madewell Grey Whisper Tee, and MeMi Perfect White T — Moved to loungewear capsule from everyday capsule

TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS: +6 in loungewear/gym wear capsule



–White Comme Des Garcons Tee
–Encircled Remix Boxy Top
–Everlane Air Oversized Crew (moved to loungewear capsule)
–Madewell Black Whisper Tee (moved to loungewear capsule)
–Madewell Grey Whisper Tee (moved to loungewear capsule)
–MeMi Perfect White T (moved to loungewear capsule)


–American Eagle Grey Sweater
Free People Hi-Lo Black Tee
–Aerie Waffle Long Sleeve Top
–Joy Lab Grey & Black Leggings
–Current/Elliott More Love Tee




The May 30×30 challenge really reinforced the idea that less is more, and that I can really live on a small capsule wardrobe. Only using 25 items in my wardrobe this month is making me rethink my Spring/Summer wardrobe, but I wasn’t quite ready yet to let go of some pieces so I will spend time in June curating my warm weather wardrobe to be what I want it to be.

Something I have had to remind myself a lot over this second year of chasing minimalism is that minimalism is what I make it to be–that I can define what it means to me; that I can set my own criteria for being successful at it; and that in order for it to be effective (and enjoyable) in my life, it has to work for my lifestyle (not others’). I’ve been beating myself up a little for buying things and decluttering things each month, but I’m starting to accept that a loose one-in-one-out system is my process and it works for me. I’m still working towards shopping with intention to the point where I don’t settle on an item until I’m 100% happy with it.

I’ve realized that when I’m shopping for me (and not for the blog/Instagram), I make way better shopping decisions and rarely do I ever regret purchasing those items. I will admit that I fell off the wagon this month with shopping secondhand, and I will try to get back on that. I also need to go back to dressing for myself, because man did it feel amazing to do a month of that in May. I have a few pieces that are in my wardrobe that I bought because of Instagram: I bought two pair of pants (my Mien Studio Pants in Zinc Grey [which is surprising because you guys know how much I love my black pair] and my thrifted Hackwith Design House light grey linen pants) recently because I thought it was boring that I only ever really wear black pants, so I felt the pressure to buy non-black pants. I bought the Everlane linen picnic top last month; didn’t like it a whole lot when I tried it on; but ended up keeping it because other Instagrammers had it. For now, I’m trying to make these pieces work in my wardrobe rather than being brash and just getting rid of them right away; but my instinct is telling me that I will eventually let them go due to lack of wear. I’m going to take this as another lesson in my minimalism journey to find and keep what brings me joy.

This year, I’ve really become so aware of how easily influenced I can be and so I’m just trying to keep that in check. There’s such a fine line between influence and inspiration that I’m trying to walk along. I think only wearing pieces that I absolutely loved this month really reaffirmed the idea to dress for myself and to listen to my own voice.

Here’s to another month of learning and growing! Cheers to June friends!