A Yellow Color Story with Tradlands


I’ve attempted mustard yellow a few times on this blog (attempt 1 and attempt 2). As much as I love the color on other people (and even on me), those pieces just didn’t get a ton of wear in my capsule so they eventually got decluttered as time went on. After a declutter last April, I made the decision to go mostly black with my wardrobe. I said goodbye to color for good…until now.

Enter the Sienna Girlfriend Tee from Tradlands.


A LITTLE ABOUT TRADLANDS ||  Started in 2012, Tradlands was inspired by menswear to give women classic pieces that were durable and simple. Their pieces focus on providing women with thoughtfully tailored pieces made from quality fabrics that you can wear with anything and live in for years to come. They make their clothing in small, responsibly made batches–refining customer favorites every year. Tradlands truly believe that getting dressed shouldn’t be stressful for women, and so they create clothing that honors our bodies and allows to move throughout the day with ease.


Earlier this year, I made the decision to approach brand partnerships differently. I would only partner with brands that sparked a whole lot of joy within me so that it felt less like work and more like the privilege it is to collaborate with such great people. So when Tradlands approached me to collaborate with their new Spring collection, I was definitely hesitant because: 1) I don’t do color, and 2) I don’t do button down shirts, and those were what they’ve become well known for. After some soul searching though, I decided to give mustard yellow one last try before completely writing it off forever. And so I picked up their Girlfriend Tee in Sienna and their Varsity Sweatshirt in Shell. I’ve already featured these two pieces over on this blog post, but I wanted to try to embrace color for once and who better to do that with than my friend Sally (@callmeflowerchild)? And embrace this color we did!


Sally and I met for margaritas and potato tacos a few weeks ago and when we both realized that we were receiving yellow pieces from Tradlands, we knew that we had to collaborate on a post together. I envisioned a color story of us frolicking in some yellow flowers (which I’ve learned from her is called Mustard which makes the setting for this post all the more perfect), and so we found a park and we made it happen! She’s wearing the 105 Seville Gold, and her looks are making me want to reconsidering giving button downs another chance.


I’m surprised at how seamlessly this tee has fit into my wardrobe. I’ve only owned it for a little over a week and it has already gotten two wears! I absolutely love it layered under my dresses and jumpsuits, but I also love how it looks with all of my pants. This might just be a new era in my wardrobe where mustard yellow can be seen as a neutral rather than a scary pop of color. I’m so glad that I took a chance on this color!

Here’s to taking chances and to friends who will make your color story come true!

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