Review: Everlane Rain Boot


This LA girl finally owns a pair of rain boots! And it’s actually been raining for her to be able to wear them!!! If you can’t tell, I’m really excited. You guys don’t know how exciting this is for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted a pair of rain boots, but it’s never really rained enough to warrant me ever buying a pair. But it finally felt like the stars in the universe aligned so that I could get a pair: 1) It’s been raining quite a bit here in LA, and 2) Everlane just released their version of The Rain Boot. So when Everlane offered to let me try these out, I couldn’t say yes quick enough!


Now with this being my first and only pair of rain boots, I don’t have much to compare them to. But I’ve tried on a few pairs in my lifetime and always found them to be too clunky and big. There were also very few cute black pairs out there in the world. Spoiler alert: This pair from Everlane is all that I could ever ask for in a rain boot!


Priced at only $75, these feel incredibly well-made for a pair of boots, let alone a pair of boots that are meant to withstand rain. They’re 100% rubber, and are wonderfully thick and chunky. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to test these out in some pretty hard rain, and unlike with my other pairs of boots, my feet stay nice and dry in these. These boots make me want to jump into puddles, and give me the confidence to walk quickly without the worries of slipping and falling.


I first wore these to work. As a teacher, I am on my feet for a lot of the day as I’m walking around the classroom and helping students when they need. I was worried that these would be uncomfortable as the day wore on, but they were not! As clunky as they are, they’re also so comfortable! I wore them for an entire day without any rubbing or chafing. The one thing that I love about these boots in comparison to other rain boots that I’ve tried on is just how these really hug your feet. My feet aren’t floating around in these. I felt sturdy all day and that I could conquer any puddle that came my way. I went with my normal size in these (size 8), and they fit pretty true to size! I do love that I can wear a pair of thick socks with them, and they still fit just fine. I absolutely adore the two tabs that come with them that make it so easy to pull on and off. These boots also get extra points for me for giving me a tiny boost in height when I wear them (this 5’2″ shorty needs all the help she can get!).


For a rain boot, I feel like these are pretty darn versatile! Obviously, I wouldn’t wear these when it’s not raining or on a sunny day, but I do feel like because these are like a pair of chelsea boots, they can be worn with pretty much anything. I’ve worn them with a sweater and a pair of leggings; with a midi-dress; and here with wide leg pants. I can also see them being worn with jeans–both skinny and wide-leg (I just really hate the feeling of wet jeans!). I’ll be honest with you: I actually had a hard time picking out a color of the five colors available, but I ultimately picked black (no surprises there) because I wanted them to be versatile in my wardrobe. The stone color almost won though!


I’m pretty chuffed about this new addition to my wardrobe. We’re still expected to get a few more days of rain this month, and even still, I cannot wait to truly test these out when my friends and I go to Portland in a couple of weeks (not that the rain here in LA hasn’t been giving them a run for their money). I’m also so happy that I don’t have to hem and haw over which shoes I like the least to wear out on rainy days. I typically wear out my oldest pair of sneakers, and can get pretty grumpy when I have to walk around with wet socks. But those days are behind me! Now I actually have suitable footwear when it rains!


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