Sotela: Clothes for the Everyday Woman


A goal for my blog in the new year is to work with and feature more brands that are in local in LA and that are body inclusive. There are a lot of things that boggle my mind that there isn’t enough of in this day and age–clean water for everyone; food and shelter for everyone; and extended sizes for all women (and men) in all stores. As someone who still is struggling with body acceptance, I know the frustration and self-loathing that happens when clothes don’t fit and there’s not a next size to go up to. In the last two decades, there have been quite a few meltdowns in dressing rooms when nothing fit me, and panic attacks of clothes not being able to be taken off because they’re stuck on my belly, boobs, or thighs.

Enter brands like Sotela.


A LITTLE ON THE DRESS | This slip dress from Sotela was a birthday treat to myself. It was designed in collaboration with Emily from A Day Pack and Olivia from Simply Liv & Co.–two of my favorite Instagram friends. They designed it as part of their Dressember campaign to end modern slavery. It was the slip dress of my dreams–ribbed, black, reversible, midi-length, and a side slit. I started getting into slip dresses last Summer when I found one at H&M for $10 and started layering it over all the t-shirts I could owned. That dress is now a part of my Spring/Summer wardrobe and is currently getting a break in storage. I truly love the versatility of a slip dress. I cannot wait to continue to wear the two that I have for years and years to come!


A LITTLE ON SOTELA | A huge part of Sotela’s brand mission is to celebrate the female body in all of its glory. Hanna, the designer and founder, designs clothes that change as your body changes: from period week, to fluctuating weights, and even pregnancy. I love that her sizing “focuses on fit instead of labeling” and instead of using words like small, medium, or large, she uses a numerical system: 1-4. Sotela also uses eco-friendly fabrics and are made right here in Southern California!

I now own two pieces from Sotela and I love them both dearly. The Lyla Crop 2.0 was one of my gateway pieces to falling in love with crop tops and how well they pair with high-waisted pants. You can see how I styled the Lyla Crop 2.0 in this post, and in this post.


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everlane boxy striped tee (sold out, similar version), sotela avery slip dress, veja x madewell esplar low sneakers (similar), rayban round sunglasses, and mansur gavriel mini bucket bag 

This post is not sponsored by Sotela at all. I purchased both the Lyla Crop 2.0 and Avery Slip Dress on my own. I just genuinely love and adore this brand, and cannot wait to add more of their items to my collection!

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  1. I had never heard of Sotela before. Thanks for the rec. I love the Lyla linen top. I have a secondhand one from Eileen Fisher that is worn down and have been on the look out for a linen tank that is crop but not too cropped.


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