Mien: Clothes for the Modern Lifestyle


I first stumbled on Mien when I went to my first Renegade Craft fair back in April with Sara. I fell in love with their soft and stretchy clothes that scorching Spring day. I didn’t walk away with anything from their booth, but instantly regretted it when I went home and did some more research on their brand. A little while later, Mien started a Kickstarter fund and I was able to get my hands on their Lakeside Jumpsuit at a bit of a discount.

You’ve seen me wear the Lakeside Jumpsuit in this post and in this post during our trip to Joshua Tree. It took me a while to muster up the courage to wear it, but its comfortability trumped any insecurities I had and it easily has become one of my most-worn items in my wardrobe.


Mien uses a “GOTS-certified organic cotton, stretch fabric,” which is out-of-this-world comfortable! I tend to wear the Lakeside Jumpsuit on those days when I know I have a 12-14 day at work ahead of me but I still need to look work-appropriate and presentable. I love that all of their fabric, dyes, and sewing are all sourced right here in Los Angeles. Sometimes I worry that my obsession with black may not be the best for the environment, but Mien uses “a water-saving dye process that doesn’t require toxic color agents while making [their] clothes super soft.”


I was fortunate to meet Lisa, the found and designer of Mien, at the Renegade Craft fair a few weeks ago this December. She was so sweet, and what amazed me most was that she recognized me and she even remembered what I had ordered because she is the one who packages and ships all of the orders. There is just so much heart in Mien. Lisa’s designs are so thoughtful and are inspired by motherhood. It’s always wonderful seeing your money go to supporting good people doing what they love and are passionate about, which is why I really do love visiting craft fairs.


I decided to pick up their Fortuna Column Dress on Black Friday. It is made from the same soft cotton as the Lakeside Jumpsuit so I couldn’t pass on it. I have been living in it since it has arrived at my apartment. This is my favorite way to style it: with a chunky cardigan and a pair of white sneakers. I love that this dress has pockets and two side slits to offer some ventilation on those upcoming hot days in Spring and Summer. It has easily become one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe and has made me consider letting go of a few others that might get less wears now that I own this one!


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mien fortuna column dress in black, lou & grey stitchy blouson cardigan in khaki, gola classics women’s coastal velcro sneakers, celine sunglasses, and mansur gavriel mini bucket bag

This post is not sponsored by Mien at all. I purchased both the Lakeside Jumpsuit and Fortuna Column Dress on my own. I just genuinely love and adore this brand, and cannot wait to add more of their items to my collection!

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