Review: Everlane Cashmere Rib Round Crew Sweater (+ 5 Ways To Style it)


I was kindly gifted the Cashmere Rib Round Crew Sweater from Everlane to review and style. I’ve been eying their cashmere for a long while, but could never justify splurging on such a fancy sweater when we hardly get any sweater weather here in Los Angeles. My only other cashmere piece that I’ve ever owned was a grey cardigan that I scored in the sale section at J. Crew about a decade ago. It’s probably still in my bedroom’s closet in my parents’ home. I loved that sweater and I always felt so fancy whenever I wore it. I’m so lucky to be able to welcome this new cashmere sweater into my wardrobe. And after living in it for the past 48 hours (True story! I wore Outfit #5 to Thanksgiving dinner), and am currently in Outfit #2), I can totally see the appeal of cashmere now, and I fear that I never want to go back to cotton sweaters.

So let’s talk quickly about my thoughts on the Cashmere Rib Round Crew Sweater…


I don’t have much to compare Everlane’s cashmere to, but in comparing this sweater to other sweaters that I do own, this sweater is very well made. The cashmere is buttery soft (as it should be) and not itchy at all. I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to knits (I can never own mohair or wool anything) so I’m always really happy when I find a sweater that doesn’t irritate my skin. As I’ve said time and time again, I’ve never ever had a problem with Everlane’s quality, and that’s why I go back to them for most of my wardrobe needs.


I like my sweaters roomy and almost always tend to size up to get the fit that I want. Everlane describe this sweater as: “A modern classic. Made of verified Grade-A Mongolian cashmere, this crewneck sweater has a luxurious, ribbed knit and rounded hem for a relaxed fit. Keep it easy with denim or pull it over a slip dress for a dressier look.” I went with my normal size, and it fits just how I want it to: relaxed and cozy.

The ribbed knit is absolutely beautiful. I love how easy it is to tuck into itself if I want it look more cropped when I’m layering it over a dress, or if I want to tuck it into jeans or pants.


Sweaters are my absolute favorite thing to style. They’re like t-shirts, but cozier and better! I love the heather grey color of this sweater and it pairs well with so many things in my wardrobe. I’ve styled this sweater in five different outfits–all of which are my favorite ways to wear sweaters.

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everlane cashmere rib round crew sweater, everlane cotton box-cut tee, everlane boss boots, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag, rayban round sunglasses, equal uprise black traditional fedora 

When Fall rolls around, I absolutely love layering sweaters over dresses! Since undergoing this minimalism journey, I’ve learned that I’m not a skirt person and have since decluttered all of them from my closet. But I love that if I ever do get the hankering to wear a skirt in the Fall time, I can simple just layer a sweater over it to achieve the same look!


everlane cashmere rib round crew sweater, muji wide leg pants (similar), veja x madewell fruit embroidered espar low sneakers, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag, rayban round sunglasses

I couldn’t not style this sweater with wide legs pants, especially my favorite comfy pair from Muji that’s made from organic cotton. This kind of uniform has been my go-to on the weekends when we’re running errands. My Veja Espar sneakers have broken in beautifully and now they’re so comfortable and so easy to wear for a whole day. This outfit is just as comfortable as wearing sweatpants or joggers and a sweatshirt!


everlane cashmere rib round crew sweater, kimchi bleu fleur babydoll floral midi dress (old), everlane boss boots, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag, rayban round sunglasses 

For this outfit, I took some inspiration from this outfit from Cassidy. I love that just by layering this sweater over this otherwise Spring/Summer dress makes it appropriate for Fall. This dress, while it does live in my Everyday/Year-long Capsule Wardrobe, doesn’t get that much love in the Fall/Winter months, but I love how this look came out and hoping that it can come out to play a little more these next few months.


everlane cashmere rib round crew sweater, levis 311 skinny jeans (similar ethical option), everlane boss boots, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag, celine tortoise sunglasses, equal uprise black traditional fedora 

This is yet another one of my Fall/Winter uniforms: you can’t go wrong with a sweater, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a fedora!


everlane cashmere rib round crew sweater, anthropologie beaded beach pants (old), everlane boss boots, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag, rayban round sunglasses

I wore this exact outfit Thanksgiving dinner yesterday! Inspired by Joey Tribbiani, these are my Thanksgiving pants. Elastic pants allows for more room for eating! I love that this sweater made it a little dressier and cozy for the evening. I was comfortable all day in this outfit!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I’m trying to take a more slow and minimal approach to Black Friday this year. This is my first Thanksgiving as while being on my minimalism journey and a slow fashion lover. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m trying so hard to practice gratitude and to resist overconsuming this week. It’s been pretty overwhelming. There are so many tempting sales, and I have participated in these sales every year in the past. This year though, I’m determined to take a more mindful approach and only buy things that I need (or things that I really, really, really, really want) and only things from ethical businesses that I want to support.

I’ll admit: My old bad habits came back and I found myself sucked into browsing for hours, but after a while, I took a break and counted my blessings. Literally. All 63 of them. All 63 pieces of clothing I own. I took a good hard look at my wardrobe, and started a Google Doc to start tracking my wear count for the next six months (I’ll make this public soon and keep the link over at my Closet Inventory page). I listed each and every item, and as I listed each one in a new row in my table, my gratitude (and pride) for my wardrobe grew. I’ve really come a long way since last Thanksgiving in minimizing my wardrobe and honing in on my style. I have more than enough, and counting my blessings is how I should be spending Thanksgiving weekend rather than counting all the things I want to buy.

If you can’t tell, I’m a little conflicted this year with Black Friday. While I don’t want to encourage overconsumption, I do love that Black Friday sales allow for more accessibility to ethical brands, as they do tend to be more expensive. I also do love that Black Friday allows for some brands to give back. Everlane doesn’t do Black Friday sales, but rather, today it is donating $260,000 to get 20,000 pounds of plastic off of our beaches. You can see more of the story on their homepage.

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