Closet Update: October 2018


Coming off of September’s Closet Update and my Fall Non-Haul, I didn’t enter October with a burning desire to add anything new to my wardrobe. I was pretty content with my wardrobe. LA’s weather started cooperating at a temperature where I felt like I could maximize my Spring/Summer wardrobe without being uncomfortably sweaty. I also took this month to slowly transition my wardrobe into Fall/Winter by gradually storing some summer pieces and bringing in some of my beloved knits. Starting off the month not being able to shop for a few days really set the tone for a low-spend month.

I actually ended up going 45 days straight without shopping–which for me, is the longest I’ve gone without buying clothes probably since I started my very first job at the movie theater at 19 years old. I’m really proud of myself actually, and hope that I can grow to beat my record. I think going that long without buying any new clothes was a hard, but necessary step towards true contentment with my wardrobe.


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Current/Elliott Roadie Distressed Striped Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt ($40 via Nordstrom Rack) bought on 10/20/18 — Striped tees were a weakness of mine for quite some time (I think at one point in my early 20s I probably owned 20-30 striped tees), and over the past year and a half, I have let go of quite a few of them. There was quite a while where I didn’t wear stripes, but I think the obsession is back. With this new addition, I now am left with 2 striped tees, 1 striped tank, and 1 long-sleeve tee (3/4 of these striped tees are from Everlane ha).

Paloma Wool Cosmos Souvenir T-Shirt ($43 via Lisa Says Gah) bought on 10/21/18 — There was an unfortunate incident with my Jenny Strange graphic tee involving the copier at work exploding onto it, and it being horribly ruined by ink. I took that as an opportunity to pick up something from Paloma Wool since I adore all of their cute graphic tees.

The Oversized Sweater from Vetta Capsule ($159) bought on 10/26/18 — I couldn’t resist picking up the Oversized Sweater from Vetta Capsule though–I’ve been waiting for a long time for this piece to come back and so when it finally came back, I picked it up right away. I can’t wait to see how versatile it can be in the cooler months that are yet to come. I got it in grey, but am so tempted to also get it in black (shocker). I’m sure that this piece will be in future Fall 10×10 or Winter 10×10 challenges to come. I’m definitely taking this with me to Joshua Tree next month for those chilly desert nights.



–Jenny Strange Graphic T-Shirt
–Mustard Yellow Madewell Sweater
–Zara Striped T-Shirt
–Madewell Plaid Central Shirt
–Madewell Cardigan
–Lou & Grey Dark Denim Jacket
–Madewell Embroidered U-Neck Tee
–Free People Hi-Lo Tee (moved to loungewear / gym capsule)
–Synergy Clothing Tank Top (moved to loungewear / gym capsule)
–Zara Embroidered Peplum Blouse (moved to occasion wear capsule)

Trial Separation: 
Saturday/Sunday Elmira Jumpsuit in Navy (bought in September but still haven’t brought to the tailor to get it hemmed)


OVERALL: -7  ITEMS, -$242.00


Having an extended Summer while the rest of America is having sweater weather also made it easier to not be tempted by all the cozy knits coming onto the market this season. It also gave me time to streamline my Spring/Summer wardrobe by letting go of some things that didn’t get worn at all this year. I’m sure that once sweater weather hits LA, I’ll want to replace and let go of some of my knits, but for now, I’m happy with everything in my wardrobe. I’ve really been pushing myself to use what I have, and have challenged myself to come up with at least one new outfit each week rather than sticking to my uniforms and what I know to be tried and true outfits.

I also took this month to declutter my loungewear/gym wear capsule, and replace some of it with items from my everyday capsule that were starting to look a little ratty–aka things that I would wear around the apartment or to go grocery shopping, but wouldn’t wear to work. I ended up letting go of 1 sweater and 8 t-shirts from my loungewear / gym capsule! (That capsule now consists of 17 items: 1 oversized sweatshirt, 2 sweaters, 2 waffle/thermal long-sleeve tops, 3 tank tops, 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of joggers, 4 pairs of leggings, and 2 pairs of shorts.) Many of these items have been “downgraded” from my everyday capsule over the years. It was important for me though this month to have consistency even with my loungewear/gym wear and got rid of some colored tops that I never wore because they’re no longer me. Even me at home (or the rare moments at the gym) is often head to toe in all black.

It’s hard to believe that at this point that I can still be letting go of items, but slowly, but surely, I’m getting to a more comfortable place with the amount of clothes I have. I’m currently at 60 clothing items, and 15 pairs of shoes (click here for current closet inventory. I’ve now updated it to include my lounge/gym wear and my occasion wear capsules). It just really goes to show how little you really need, and how hard it is to truly maximize your wardrobe. I think even within my 60 items (only 40 items are currently out in my everyday wardrobe), I only wear maybe half of them throughout a season. When I sit down to think about this, it truly blows my mind just how much of my life I’ve spent worrying about people noticing that I wore the same clothes over and over again, and what a negative connotation that was.

It seems that replacement seems to be a pretty big theme lately for me as I’m looking to replace old fast fashion items that I’ve had for years (and are on their last legs) with ethical pieces. I want to do this mindfully and slowly. Another theme that is framing my shopping currently is going back to the basics. I’m suddenly drawn to white tees and striped t-shirts again, and want to take the time to find some great ones to add to my wardrobe to serve as a foundation to wear with jeans, wide-leg pants, cardigans, and ankle boots for Fall/Winter this year. I’m more sure of my style now than I ever have been, which brings me so much joy and satisfaction after years of style crises. I’m expecting that in November that quite a few things will be replaced or a few new basics added.

I’ve actually really been enjoying this monthly cycle of reflection and look forward to this every month. I’m slowly letting go of guilt I have when I do purchase something, especially when it is bought with intentionality and thought. I’m also slowly letting go of the idea that minimalism is all about a certain number, or that it is limiting yourself to what you have forever. I’m starting to create my own definition of minimalism and what works for my life, and I’m loving it every step of the way.

Happy November friends! Bring on the pecan pie!

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