A Fall Non-Haul


I was inspired by Lo from Capsule Closet to do a Non-Haul. Since Labor Day weekend, I have been fighting with myself and what it means to be a “good minimalist” or even just what it means to be a minimalist in general. I’ve come to think that it all comes back to intent–why you own the things you do; why you want to buy the things you want to buy; why you want to let go of things you deem unnecessary; etc.

Now that I’ve done three months of Closet Updates (July, August, and September), I’ve noticed that my intent when it comes to shopping is rarely ever quite as intentional or good enough as it ought to be for a minimalist’s wardrobe. I didn’t think I was so easily influenced by trends, but even within the slow fashion community, there are “trends” that seem to come in waves like certain colors or new-in items from brands. There are also the closet essentials that every slow fashion enthusiast seems to have like the ES Georgia Tee; the Kamm Pants; a linen jumpsuit; a Babaa knit cardigan; etc. that after seeing them looking so amazing on so many of my favorite insta-friends make me begin to think that I need them too.


This has been especially true watching the world turn beautiful warm shades of reds, yellows, and oranges in the Fall season via Instagram. Because we don’t have seasons here in LA, I find myself fantasizing about having seasons and dressing for them. This year, I need to remind myself that Fall and Winter in LA is different and I need to learn to embrace it and curate a wardrobe that works for me in this city in this time of year. I therefore also need to keep reminding myself that my closet essentials aren’t the same as everyone else’s. That my body is beautifully different. That my lifestyle is different. That my aesthetic is different. And that these differences are what make me…me!

Coming out of a month-long shopping ban recently has made me realize again that I don’t need a lot. I don’t crave variety in my clothes. I am an outfit repeater through and through. Even now with only 63 items in my wardrobe, I only probably wear 30 – 40% of it, if that. And so with that, I’m going to see just how long I can go without buying again and if I can come up with at least one new outfit each week with the clothes that I do have.


These are all the items that I’m going to pass on (at least for now)… 

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Ankle Boots | With six pair of ankle boots (and 5 of them being black), I definitely do not need to be buying any new boots this season. I love my Everlane Boss Boot (you can read my first impressions of them here), and so I will pass on the Everlane Day Boot. I should probably extend this to all shoes in general actually…

Tradlands | By now, I’ve read countless reviews on Tradlands and heard so many wonderful things about their button downs but button downs are just not for me. I used to think that every woman needed a crisp, perfectly oversized white button down shirt. Then when chambray came around, I thought I needed one of those too. But I don’t. It doesn’t look quite right on my body, nor does it work with my lifestyle.

BaBaa No19 Cardigan | This has been on my wishlist since last Fall/Winter, but could never justify the hefty price tag–especially since Fall/Winter doesn’t really arrive in LA until Thanksgiving and leaves before Valentine’s Day. I have 7 cardigans that I adore and love, and are more than enough to get me through the Fall/Winter season. My Everlane Soft Cotton Square Cardigan (review here) has proven to be the perfect throw on piece to get me through this transitional period until I’m ready to fully switch over my wardrobe.

Outerwear | Every year I unhealthily lust over coats and jackets, but as I mentioned above–there is just no need for those here in LA. I do have my one coat from GAP that I bought for my trip to Paris last February, and I think that’s all I’ll need for a long while.

Jewelry | I’m not much of a jewelry person. I have the set that I never take off: two necklaces; two rings, one bracelet, and the same stud earrings that I got my ears pierced with. I have been looking for some stud earrings to replace my 3 stainless steel studs, but other than that–I am quite content with my jewelry set. I might even set aside some time this season to declutter my jewelry box.

Flannels | Every year I get suckered into buying at least one flannel, and then every year I decide to let them go because they didn’t get nearly enough wear in my wardrobe. Well this year, I will not be sucked into the Fall dream because it doesn’t exist here in LA.

Fall Colors (Mustard Yellow, Olive Green, and Rust) | I have to stay steadfast to my decision to have a monochromatic wardrobe, because ultimately black (and shades of grey) is what I wear the most and what I feel the best in.




  1. I could have written all of the above. Lessons learnt for me were hard. I just had too much of a hard time making them fit. In my minimalist and perfectly imperfect wardrobe you will not find… jeans…shirts or blouses….colour… and shoes. The last was tough I own Valentino and jimmy Choos. I only wear boots in winter and sandals in summer and vans for dress down days. I’m in the uk and have to look professional in my job. I wear dresses with a leather jacket and have developed a uniform..black and grey. I guess this is just me!
    Love your blog/insta. Reflects real life 👍🏼👏


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