10×10 Challenge Spring 2018

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If you’re interested in or participating in the capsule wardrobe experiment, then you might’ve stumbled upon buzz words like “ethical,” “sustainable,” or “slow fashion.” You might have also wandered to find bloggers like Caroline from Un-Fancy or Lee from Style Bee. If you have wandered down to this part of the rabbit hole of sustainable living, then you might have heard about the 10×10 challenge.

Lee & Caroline host a 10×10 challenge every season. Basically, you choose 10 pieces of clothing and style them over the course of 10 days. Shoes count, but accessories, loungewear, workout clothes, and underwear don’t count. Lee’s basic formula for this is 4 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 dress, 2 shoes, and 1 top layer. The Spring 10×10 Challenge begins today!

After a lot of hawing and humming, I’ve decided to take the next step and participate in this challenge. This would be an amazing way to kick off my No Shop Month for April. Then after some more hawing and humming, I’ve finally decided on my 10 items that I’m going to get real comfortable with over 10 days.

Here Are My 10 Picks:

Parker Clay Sandals (sold out, but similar ethical option) | Adidas Stan Smiths Sneakers

Zara Mustard Linen Top | Synergy Clothing Slub Central Tank | Zara Graphic Tee

Black Levis Jeans (similar) | Muji Cotton Dress | Everlane Square Tee

APC Grey Cardigan (thrifted, but similar) | Madewell Gingham Tier Miniskirt (similar)


  1. Parker Clay Abby Sandals: This warm tan color is not something that I’m used to wearing, but I love the little bit of color this adds to my usual dark outfits. What would Spring be without a pair of sandals?
  2. Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers: I have been having so much fun wearing these the last couple of weeks. For most of Fall and Winter, I loyally wore my black Vans Old Skool sneakers, so it has been a nice change. I also just love how white sneakers look with dresses and skirts.
  3. Mustard Zara Linen Top: This is what I got with the Zara gift card I was gifted for Chinese New Year. I am trying to push myself to wear some more color, and I’ve been obsessed with mustard yellow for years now. I thought this top would also be a good change from my usual t-shirts.
  4. Synergy Clothing Slub Tank:  I couldn’t not include a solid basic in my 10 picks. This tank from Synergy Clothing is one of my new favorites. It’s made from 100% organic cotton, and dyed with low-impact dyes.
  5. Zara Rainbow Tee: I also got this with that infamous Zara gift card. I love graphic tees because they amp up my basic tees and this one adds a pop of color with a rainbow on the back.
  6.  Levis Black Skinny Jeans: This is one of my closet staples, so I had to include these as part of my 10 items. I know that these will go with all my tops that I’ve picked out.
  7. Muji Modal Cotton 3/4 Sleeves Dress: This dress is a minimalist’s dream dress! I love how soft it is and how it glides over any food baby. It even has pockets! This dress will forever stay as part of my capsule wardrobe as I can see it worn throughout the year. I do wonder though if my black slip dress would’ve been more versatile for this challenge.
  8. Everlane Square Tee in Washed Black / Bone Mid Stripe: If you’ve followed me for a long time or even have a quick swipe through my Instagram, you’ll know that striped tees are another closet staple for me! I considered trying to go 10 days without a striped tee, but it gave me so much anxiety that I had to add one. This one has been perfect for the warmer weather, and out of all my striped tees (I have quite the few), I think this one is going to become my favorite!
  9. APC Grey Cardigan: I scored this baby for $19 at a local thrift store. I love this cardigan so much. It is so much lighter than my other ones that I know this will be a staple for this Spring/Summer season for those odd chilly days and for nighttime hangs.
  10. Madewell Gingham Tiered Skirt: I love me some gingham so I thought this challenge would be the perfect time to bring back this skirt.


What I’m Hoping to Get Out of This Challenge:

  • New combinations to wear to work so that I can branch out of my usual work uniform of jeans (or even leggings) and a t-shirt or sweater.
  • Inspiration to wear mustard yellow in my everyday and not just on “special” days, and hopefully this will give me the courage to try other colors.
  • The confidence and inspiration to fully maximize my Spring/Summer capsule that consists of 40 items, rather than just wear the same basics over and over again.


Follow me on Instagram to see my 10 looks! I’ll be blogging either at the half-way point or at the very end of this challenge.


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