Capsule Wardrobe Update: Fall/Winter in LA

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Hi there,

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (whoops). I meant to keep blogging throughout my capsule wardrobe experiment, but the truth is: I’ve fallen off its wagon since I’ve last blogged. I shopped when I wasn’t supposed to (in between seasons). I didn’t really stick to the 35-40 item limit (it’s probably closer to 50 items, including shoes). I still am a sucker for a good sale, and impulsed bought some things. I waited too long to return things I didn’t like and now they just sit in my wardrobe with no purpose. For a while, I felt like I was back to my old ways, but now that it’s been actually chilly in LA and I’ve been able to change my wardrobe to be geared towards Fall and Winter, I’ve realized that I have learned a couple things despite the little hiccups along the way.

I do feel that (despite the impulse purchases), I have become more mindful and hesitant when adding to my wardrobe. I think about how often I’d actually wear it; how practical it is for my everyday life; how it relates with the rest of my wardrobe; and if it fills a gap that my wardrobe has. I have also found that my wardrobe is more cohesive, and that it is easier for me to mix and match pieces (probably because it is 100% neutral). This makes it so much easier to pack for quick getaways to the desert. Through out this experiment, I also realized my love for dresses and skirts. In the Fall and Winter time, I love wearing dresses and skirts even more with sweaters layered underneath or over them.

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Having started this experiment in the summer and having stored my Fall/Winter wardrobe away for a few months made me realize how impractical my wardrobe was for a girl living in Los Angeles. The bulk of my wardrobe was sweaters (I’m a sweater addict). I think that was the reason I felt the need to shop in the warmer months this year (which continue well into November nowadays). I found the perfect t-shirt for me (and bought back ups just in case). I invested in some dresses and one skirt. I tried and loved the trend of wearing slip dresses over t-shirts. When it was finally time to shift my wardrobe from Summer to Fall/Winter, I was able to buy sweaters that I always eyed but never bought: the perfect chunky grey and camel sweater. I donated the dupes previously bought years ago, and couldn’t be happier with my wardrobe now.

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Now having failed (sorta) at this capsule wardrobe experiment, I realize that the structure was too rigid for me, my lifestyle, and for the weather in Los Angeles. I’m not going to completely go back to my old ways. I still rather like having a part of my wardrobe stored away under my bed to avoid decision fatigue. And unlike how I am with people, absence of clothes does make my heart grow fonder. I am going to try to be even more mindful in 2018 with my purchases (less impulse buys). But I’m not going to stick to a limit of items, and I’m not going to not shop throughout a season. I’m going to keep the essence of the capsule wardrobe experiment: mindful, purposeful shopping, and having a well-curated closet; but I’m going to throw away all the rules. I’m still in the process of cutting my wardrobe down to the essentials, but I’m wholeheartedly enjoying finding my style with each passing day.

Here’s to a mindful, new year.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

h&m sweater, kimchi blue fleur babydoll floral midi dress, dolce vita booties, c/o equal uprise black traditional fedora, daniel wellington sheffield watch, rayban rounds sunglasses

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