His & Her Summer Capsule Wardrobe

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It’s now been almost three weeks since we’ve started the capsule wardrobe experiment, and we’re still going strong! With every week that passes, I feel like we learn something new about ourselves and about our style. We’re loving every bit of it!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here’s what we’ve noticed so far:

  • LESS STRESS: Now that we’ve got our capsule wardrobe settled more or less for the rest of Summer, we’ve been reaping the benefits of not suffering from decision fatigue. We’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier and quicker to get dressed in the mornings when we have to work with the limited choices in front of us. We’ve therefore been a lot more punctual when meeting up with friends (aka less melt downs about not having anything to wear).
  • MORE CREATIVITY: We’ve been more creative with our outfits. With our loungewear inconveniently stored just out of reach, we’ve been less inclined to wear those out of the house. This has helped us actually wear the clothes that we have rather than just have them hang sadly in the closet.
    • For example, this striped top and slip dress combo is something I wanted to wear but never got around to it because I favored my loungewear. Now this outfit is one of my go-to’s for this Summer season. It’s also inspired me to want to layer other t-shirts with this dress.
  • DEFINING OUR STYLES: With loungewear out of the usual mix, we’ve been able to experiment and play around with our clothes. Brandon’s been experimenting with wearing fun, printed shirts; while I’ve been trying to find a way to cohesively incorporate more of the boho style that I love into my wardrobe. I’m also trying to play around with color because I noticed that my wardrobe is very monochrome.
  • ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER: With our Fall & Winter wardrobe out of sight, we’re starting to really miss them and are looking forward to Fall even more. Neither of us have done much shopping (aka avoiding the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale–more on that to come!) this season. I’ve been trying to research other people’s AW wardrobes so that I can intentionally buy to fill in whatever gaps I have when it does come time to shop.
  • FLUID CAPSULE IS BETTER: After watching many videos on Youtube and reading many blog posts, I’ve come to realize that the fluid capsule wardrobe may be a better fit for my lifestyle. A lot of people have quit the capsule wardrobe system because it was too rigid and structured. While I do love me some structure in my life, I also enjoy flexibility, especially when it comes to clothes (mostly because how I dress is based hugely on my mood). The fluid capsule allows me to switch out items in my wardrobe for ones that are stored away in the event that I’m not getting as much wear out of certain things as I thought and in the event that I’m really missing something that I did store away. It also allows me to buy items in the midst of a season if I truly see a need for it.
  • LESS IMPULSE BUYS. MORE CONTENTMENT: I’m still going to try to stick to the rule of only shopping at the end or beginning of a new season. I’ve become more mindful and aware of how much consumerism is pushed on us. Every morning I’m bombarded with emails notifying me of sales or the dress that I must have for the Summer. Social media is also another hub of advertisements for things that I don’t need. Now that I have more intentionally built my wardrobe, I’m more content with what I have and am less inclined to buy out of impulse.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

j: comme des garcons play t-shirt (similar), h&m slip dress, c/o equal uprise traditional fedora, birkenstocks madrid slide sandals, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag, rayban round sunglasses 

b: h&m striped t-shirt (similar), zara shorts (similar), rayban wayfarer sunglasses 

See what’s in our Summer Capsule Wardrobe in our latest video: 

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