Hard to Explain

I’ll be the first to admit–I’m a hopeless romantic and am a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Gimme all the RomComs, all the flowers, all the sparkles, all the candlelight dinners, and all the moonlight walks on the beach! With all the Valentine’s Day vibes out in the world, the idea of romance wandered into my natural thoughts this month. That combined with my recent wanderlust made me obsessed with the idea of wanting a romantic getaway, but Valentine’s Day crept up on us this year. We racked our brains to pull together something last minute, but alas even those plans had to be put on hold when I got sick over the long weekend. I was bummed that we couldn’t cheers to our love over mojitos and oysters, or window shop on Melrose Avenue, or peruse the Farmers Market in Larchmont, but in the midst of the fever and the food poisoning, I realized that Brandon was showing me the grandest gesture of all: He took care of me. And that’s the best kind of Valentine a girl could ask for.

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As I get older, I’m growing to be less impressed by grand gifts and more impressed by the little moments in our everyday life. Romance is in the everyday: It’s there when we’re sipping coffee across from each other on Saturday morning after not seeing each other on the weekdays. It’s there when we’re holding hands while strolling around Old Town Pasadena. It’s there when we’re eating Korean Tofu in 90 degree weather. It’s there when he drives an hour and 40 minutes through LA traffic to eat dinner together on Friday night. It’s there when we’re giggling over documentaries on bears while snuggling in bed. It’s everywhere and it’s everywhere everyday.


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  2. Being taken care of and looked after by your partner has to be the most important thing at any time of the year, especially Valentine's Day 🙂 Wonderful accompanying images again, by the way – as always!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. Awww! This this so sweet! I guess doing things are fun and all, but sometimes you need to have that person to be down to “turn down” with you sometimes. In my personal opinions, dinners at home on days like Valentine's Day are the best.

    PS. these photos are amazing!

    x Van


  4. All of these pictures are so good! So many people get caught up in wanting to “do” something for Valentine's. I'll admit I felt kinda similarly disappointed this year because my fiance was too busy to do something nice for me the way he did in past years. I may or may not have thrown a bit of a hissy fit. But what's ultimately important is what happens in the day to day, every day and not just on this one day a year! And having someone to take care of you on your off days is the best feeling.

    xx freshfizzle


  5. This is honestly the sweetest thing I've read in a while
    I couldn't agree more, there's so much love in the little things that they become so much more important than the big gestures, sounds like you're enjoying the perfect romance

    Beautiful beautiful shots, what a brilliant eye!

    What Raj Wants


  6. Hi Jasmine,

    I see you haven't posted in a while as well. I hope everything is going great for you. 🙂

    It's kind of funny because I actually tend to remember more of the more everyday and boring things in my relationship like watching movies together or just bike rides around the neighborhood. I think they stand out to me more because they occur so often and are associated with warmth and happiness. I guess I'm kind of like Russell from Up. I like the boring stuff LOL.

    I hope you're having a great day and I hope we'll see you soon! 🙂

    Minimalist Gal


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