August Outtakes


It’s been a while, and since we don’t like lame excuses, we’re not going to give you one. The thing is we’ve been so in love that we didn’t really think too much about blogging or really documenting our adventures as of late–in love with the world around us that is (and I guess each other). Every palm tree, every sunset, and all the little things in between have gotten us stopping in our tracks to pause and enjoy life. Ever since my move to LA, we’ve been creating a little love nest to romp around in–adding new favorites to our list of frequent haunts. With a bit of adjustment, it finally feels like we’ve started to acclimate to being a few miles apart instead of 50, and have just been enjoying this new phase in our relationship. There have been some hiccups along the way, so much so that we started calling this season “Bummer Summer,” but like all bloggers, we’re really looking forward to a fresh start with Fall beginning soon. For us, the start of Fall always feels more like a new year than January ever does. In LA though, we’ll have to wait to enjoy pumpkin-spiced anythings until after Halloween.

We can’t promise that we won’t disappear again (at least not until this awful heat wave cools off), but we do promise that we will continue to enjoy the little things in life like 80-degree evenings, ice cream bars, pretty blooms, central air conditioning, and thrifted goods.


  1. I just love how your outtakes are so spectacular that they form a post all of their own haha – your photography really is superb! Have fun loving each other and loving the world.. that's the greatest thing in life after all! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. Lately I've loved putting away the camera too. As much as we love taking photos sometimes it's hard work documenting things lol. I finally made it down to SoCal twice in the past month or so and it is as lovely as it looks in your photos!

    Pink Wings


  3. Great to see that you are back!!! I had been wondering what you had been up to. I'm relieved to read that you haven't given up on blogging. Really love the pics and in particular the quote! I will be in LA next year and I'm so excited about going back <3



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