Home: First Look

We’ve had a change of pace and scenery lately. Instead of roaming around the city hunting for grimey alleys to explore, we’ve spent our days weeding through the aisles of IKEA looking for the perfect minimal pieces for my new apartment. After countless hours of hauling and building, we are happy to say that our relationship has passed the IKEA test. It’s far from being complete, but this studio apartment is all mine. It’s my new home. I have big plans for this gorgeous small space so stay tuned for more home updates.

Like with any big changes, the move brought about a tidal wave of emotions–some of which I’m still sorting out despite having lived here for a little over two weeks now. With a new job and new adventures on the horizon, I just have to remember the wise words of C.S. Lewis and that “there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”


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