None of our trips to the Griffith Observatory are ever the same. Every time we go, we have new stories to tell. Each time we look at the view of the city, different emotions are evoked. We’ve gone early in the mornings when there’s hardly anyone there. We’ve gone on insanely hot days where we only went as far as the shade went. We’ve gone on days where the sky was so overcast that the view of the city was under a blanket of clouds. But never had we gone during magic hour to watch the sun set below the mountains…until now.

j: lou and grey denim jacket, everlane ryan tee, bdg printed porter plants, dolce vita booties, marc jacobs classic q natasha
b: feathers t-shirt, ag jeans, wolverine 1000 mile boots, daniel wellington sheffield watch, raybans

Despite our frequent haunts to the observatory, capturing its magic and beauty were always elusive to us. We could never get it quite right, and being the perfectionists we are, those photos never made their way to a blog post. We had always tried to go on days when we thought hardly any other people would be there so we could take our time to explore and take photos. Ironically, when we went on Saturday, it was the Public Star Party and there was a lot of action and people there that day. It was a challenge to find empty and quiet spots, but it encouraged us to explore the observatory deeper than we had ever before. After investigating the many curves and corners of the observatory, we took the time to watch the sunset in its entirety together. Words cannot describe how special and comforting it was to watch this particular sunset together. 


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