Explosions in the Sky

Fellow Type As would agree that perfection always seems to be the destination. We’re constantly and obsessively trying to create those perfect moments with detailed itineraries and strategic packing in anticipation of the worst. Or better yet, these perfect moments happen and we ruin them by frantically trying to capture them as they occur so that ironically we can remember them instead of truly enjoying them. These idiosyncrasies are especially enhanced during our vacations. Our two day adventure to Disneyland was no different. We were prepared to combat the chilly evenings with our Rodarte hoodies, the overuse of our phones with our power packs, and the struggles for achieving the perfect selfie with our selfie stick and bluetooth remote. What we weren’t prepared for was the most magical ending to our spring break.

After two long, amazing days at Disney California Adventures and Disneyland, we were ready to say goodbye to the happiest place on Earth for a few months. In our time there, we made sure to ride our favorite rides multiple times and to eat our favorite park foods to soak in all the fun. It was nearing the end of our second night and we had only one more ride in our tired bones. As poetic it would’ve been to end our day with the same ride we started, we didn’t want to make the trek across the park to Space Mountain through the crowd anticipating the upcoming fireworks, and so we settled for waiting in line for Thunder Mountain as our final ride.

We hoped for the best that we would be able to catch a glimpses of the fireworks show or the nearby Fantasmic show as we waited in line. Once we got to the front of the line and were waiting for our train to arrive, the fireworks show began and our breaths were taken away by our view. We giddily climbed into our car knowing that this ride would be the best ride of all time. As we zigged and zagged through Thunder Mountain, we screamed and giggled with excitement and anticipation to catch another glimpse of the explosions in the sky, stealing kisses along the way. With every peak and sharp turn came a clear view of the sky in all of its sparkled glory. The best part in all of this has to be that there was no planning that went into it or any cameras to distract from the moment. The perfect moment was there and it will forever be our little secret to look back on and enjoy.


  1. So nice that you got to spend time in Disneyland! Love your pics! I understand the dilemma between perfect moments and trying to capture the perfect pics… When I'm with people that are dear to me, I always choose the perfect moment.



  2. aahhh i miss disneyland. i was obsessed with taking pictures with all the disney characters the first time i was there, hahaha! talk about being a kid all over again! i adore your “wacky” candid shots with b. and that last shot is so gorgeous!! 😀

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions


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