Super Rich Kids

We thought we’d get a jumpstart on festival season with a quick getaway to Palm Springs for a friend’s birthday. What better way to forget the woes of getting older with hours spent lounging at the pool and sipping maybe one too many mojitos. In between playing with beach balls and rocking to hot cougars singing our favorite tunes, we were able to steal away a few minutes to explore the colorful Saguaro Hotel. While taking a quick detour to the bathroom, we found an empty area take in all the bright colors, palm trees, and sunshine.

After an afternoon of sun and an evening out, we woke up the next day before the rest of the group and were able to bask in the tranquility of the morning in the backyard. We were mesmerized by the ripples and reflections in the water and the skyline full of palm trees peeking over the roof. These quiet moments by the pool and Frank Ocean’s album on the drive home were the perfect way to say goodbye to an epic weekend.

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