Such Great Heights

We took a cue from Mother Nature and indulged in the summer vibes she threw our way. With the sun high in the sky, we headed towards the coast to catch a break from the heat. The closer we got to the coast, the further away our worries seemed to be. Whatever worries we had left when we arrived at Manhattan Beach were quickly washed away with mimosas and sangrias over brunch. After filling up on breakfast chimichangas, we made our way to the pier where we blissfully played in the waves and soaked in the sunshine. As if the beach wasn’t a beautiful enough of a view, we headed to Hilltop Park in Signal Hill to catch the sunset. Sitting in the grass while literally feeling like we were on top of the world was the perfect way to end our summery day. If this is a preview of what summer is going to be like, we can’t wait to spend our days lounging in linen t-shirts and birkenstocks.

j: zara linen t-shirt, zara jeans, arizona birkenstocks, madewell transport tote
b: h&m linen t-shirt, naked and famous jeans, arizona birkenstocks 


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