Mountain Top

Craving a break from reality, we thought we would find clarity and peace while hiking at Eaton Canyon. Despite being in the midst of the tall trees and pretty waterfalls, we felt out of our element and out of sorts. After cooling off with some lavender honey ice cream, we picked up our bad habits of searching for another dingy and grimy corner of Los Angeles to romp around.  In all of its forbidden glory with its winding steep staircases and hidden alleyways, The Brewery became our new mountain to climb and explore. With a strict permit only policy, exploring and shooting required a great deal of stealth and cunningness. Like ninjas, we creeped and shot guerrilla style until we finally reached the top of our mountain. As always with a long hike, the view was definitely worth the climb. We were rewarded by a breathtaking view of Downtown LA and finally found peace in the decaying beauty around us.

j: h&m striped t-shirt, zara jeans, rag and bone devon bootie, mansur gavriel mini bucket bag, daniel wellington sheffield watch, raybans
b: h&m linen t-shirt, naked and famous jeans, rag and bone boots, daniel wellington sheffield watch, oliver peoples daddy b sunglasses


  1. Love the outfit and this is too awesome! I've always wanted to shoot in a decaying, abandoned building. I've been searching high and low for a place here in Hawaii but to no avail! Love the photos!


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