January Outtakes

The concept of a fresh start can be so empowering and crippling at the same time. To realize that we have the ability to change our lives at any given moment is so powerful. The weight of unexplored possibilities and hopeful dreams can almost be too much to bear. 2015 is well underway, and the newness of the new year has begun to wear off. What started as a blank canvas for all things awesome to happen has turned into a daunting hurdle to just get through. Suddenly, the remaining eleven months seem to be simultaneously too little and too much time. Too much time spent mindlessly toiling away at work, and too little time spent accomplishing our actual goals. The new year always brings about hopes for the future, and so with our ambitions higher than ever, just getting through the day, the week, the year isn’t gonna cut it anymore. That’d be settling, and we choose to be better than that.

We’ve both been told that we may never be truly happy because we don’t strive for mediocrity. We are constantly and restlessly looking to be better and do better. Our dreams are big and ever-growing, and we are urgently and desperately chasing them. We’re prone to stretching ourselves too thin and to doing too many things. However, we have come to terms with our lifelong sentence of discontent, and with the fact that we may never achieve our capricious dreams. This lingering disgruntlement is our biggest weakness and our greatest strength. Too many nights in January were wasted away needlessly wallowing over bad days, wondering just how we were gonna make it to the weekend; but a life lived only on the weekends is not a life worth living. Now is the time when our resolve to change and grow (i.e. resolutions) begins to wane. But here’s to going to the gym when we don’t feel like it. Here’s to resisting those cookies in the staff room. Here’s to exploring the unknown, one adventure at a time. Here’s to never settling with just getting through it. Here’s to living not just on the weekends, but every single day. And here’s to chasing the ever elusive uncertainty of success.

“Success is never owned; it is only rented. And the rent is due every day.” — Rory Vaden


  1. Love the photos! It's about the journey not the destination. So we need to be celebrating the daily successes that we have accomplished daily that are the baby steps leading towards our big goals. Time is ticking away and since it's the most precious thing we have in life, let's cherish every moment we can. When we are open to receive the little gifts that the universe sends us at every moment, we have a lot to be grateful for and feel successful about.



  2. That first photo is superb! Loving your January outtakes so much. And I'm kind of obsessed with the messages from this post. I am known to have big dreams but people (more so the generation before us) keep telling me to settle for mediocrity because I'll never be happy. It's a safer choice that I should make but I've only known that the bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards (potentially). Thank you for some motivation!


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