The Weekenders

Perfection is not a label I use easily or often, but Saturday morning was just that–perfection. Waking up before the sun, we basked in the quietness and stillness of the transition from week to weekend. We watched the world come alive as the sun started to peek through the windows and created elongated shadows on the walls. It was a quiet, slow, unpressurized start to the day. A couple “just five more minutes” turned into hours of being in bed. There was something about that morning that made the world not exist for a while. Talking or not talking, it didn’t matter because it was just us under the covers. That was our world and that was all that mattered. It’s a morning that we will never forget and will always strive to replicate. Perfection is underrated.

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Once we finally mustered enough willingness to leave the comfort of the apartment, we headed to our favorite brunch spot, Lincoln. No Saturday morning (or any morning for that matter) would be complete without iced coffees. We filled up on huevos rancheros and parmesan eggs, and treated ourselves to a dark chocolate sea salt cookie. With our hearts and stomachs full, we enriched our minds by seeking inspiration in magazines like Love and Kinfolk, and books like Maison Martin Margiela. Before grabbing sushi for dinner, we shopped around Old Town Pasadena.

j: zara top, zara jeans, maison martin margiela boots, daniel wellington watch
b: zara button down, ag jeans, acne adrian shoes, daniel wellington watch

We couldn’t think of a better way to end an already amazing day than with drinks on a rooftop bar. Feeling on top of the world (literally and metaphorically), we took in the view of Downtown Los Angeles over classy drinks. We got there early enough to snag a bench in a corner tucked away, and it was back to feeling like the world was just the two of us.


  1. goodness – that does sound like a perfect weekend! i LOVE that you guys really appreciate and live in these simple, wonderful moments together. it's so easy to get caught up in constantly going and doing. i'm thankful for the reminder!


  2. your day just ammmaaazzing!! how i wish i could have some day like yours..just to relax and enjoy.recently,my schedules are tight with tests.sorry i had mentioning this several times in my blog,but i still hate when i can't do anything else beside sitting down with piles of notes beside me to revise. but good news,my school holiday coming soon>next month..girl,i love your confident in these photos.both of you are cute couple!

    xo joselovincolors


  3. So I stumbled across your blog, and can I just say, it's perfection?
    Aha, anyway, definitely sounds like the perfect day! Your morning is something I'd like to experience…sigh. Haha, great photos of the day! Finishing off with drinks on a rooftop bar? Yup, perfect.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


  4. When I read the words “dark chocolate sea salt cookie” I fainted a little. Feed me.

    And those lazy mornings just spent in bed for hours? Absolutely agree about it being perfection. It's like nothing else in the world really matters.


  5. Wow, you won't believe me but I actually had a very similar Saturday! With a difference that after a half of the day spent in bed I put on leggings and an oversized sweater and grabbed a burger at the local bar with my bf 🙂 Also wanted to go for a drink, but couldn't motivate myself to put makeup on. But I agree that such lazy weekends are priceless and really can be unforgettable 🙂


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