Shades of Blue

After a hard week back at work, the rain gave us a good excuse to stay in and rest. Our cozy weekend began with lattes and brunch at Lamill Coffee in Silver Lake. After a failed attempt to explore, we retreated back indoors when it started to pour. We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits though! When the rain finally let up for a bit on Sunday, we got some fresh air and explored a nearby lake. The tranquility and stillness after the storm was so intoxicating. Everything was a cool shade of blue and we tried to soak up as much of it as we could before it started sprinkling again.

j: burberry parka, h&m sweater, rbx leggings, dolce vita boots, nordstrom scarf, mansur gavriel bucket bag
b: your neighbors matte faux jacket, feathers t-shirt, naked and famous jeans, toms shoes


  1. there really is something about the stillness after a rain pour. these are wonderful photos, dear!!
    (totally dying over your bucket bag. when i visited opening ceremony in nyc to try and purchase one, they had a waiting list for it! acckk!)

    Animated Confessions


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