December Outtakes

December was an action-packed month. Because it was our first holiday season together as a couple, there were many firsts to be had. We went on our first Disneyland trip together. We got our first Christmas tree. We met each other’s families. We exchanged gifts for the first time. And as much as we enjoyed these big happenings, it was the little moments in between that really made the fleeting days of 2014 that much more bittersweet.

After a stressful last couple of months, we were finally able to slow down and just hang out. The pressures at work calmed down and we no longer felt guilty for having lazy afternoons snuggled in bed or at the beach. Coffee shops were our home away from home. We began to take notice of the little things, like how the light streamed through the windows or the cool lines wires created in the sky. “Winter” in California became our favorite time of the year, with winter being more of a concept more than an actuality. Where else would you be able to ride the ferris wheel and walk along the shore with light layers during this time of year? We also realized that we’ll never be too old to enjoy Christmas lights and hot chocolate. We’re thankful that in between all of the holiday obligations, we were able to find moments of peace. Now that we’re better rested we are ready to take on 2015 and all of it has to offer us.


  1. I love that you experienced many firsts over December – going to Disneyland together must have been quite the adventure, in particular! 🙂



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