Walk It Out

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, we headed towards the coast to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. We found sanctuary at RaT Beach after grabbing coffee at a favorite local spot, Two Guns Espresso Cafe. In an attempt to get a bit of fitness in, we opted for a walk along the beach. After Friday’s storm, it was just chilly enough for us to bundle up in light layers. It was the perfect California winter afternoon–complete with sunshine, windblown hair, and deserted lifeguard towers for us to romp around.

j: irene’s story slouchy cardigan, project social t t-shirt, nordstroms scarf, rbx leggings, nike free runs 5.0, raybans
b: obey jacket, feathers t-shirt, ag jeans, nike free runs 5.0, toms sunglasses


  1. I forgot what sunshine feels like- send some this way here? Haha these photos look lovely, and it sounds like it was such a nice, relaxing time of wandering and coffee sipping. And a day in a cozy cardi is an excellent day 🙂

    xo marlen
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