Bad Habit

In an attempt to escape from our usual urban environment, we explored the Artists Village in Santa Ana. In such a condensed pretty place, we were quickly bored with the main area of the village and reverted to our bad habit of looking for the grimey, hidden corners of a city. During our urban exploration, we were pleasantly surprised to find back alleys in Orange County that were reminiscent of LA and that made us feel more comfortable. Even though we both grew up near the beach, we just can’t deny our love for urban spaces. After chasing the sunset to the top of an empty parking structure, we began the holiday festivities with two friendsgivings and a birthday party.

j: h&m hoodie, project social t t-shirt, zara jeans, rag and bone newbury boots, madewell transport tote
b: blk dnm jacket #5, feathers t-shirt, ag jeans, vans shoes


  1. Love that tote! I'm trying to find it on the Madewell site but I can't find the exact one. It looks like the straps are a lighter brown than the bag, but the only one on the site that's like that is one with a zipper and yours doesn't have one. I hate to be a pain, but could you like the one you have?


  2. these photos definitely have an urban feel to them- and love the leather jacket! I could never quite find just the right one for me. And ahhh Friendsgivings are the best- I'm so jealous you have two to attend! I hope you guys eat lots of pumpkin pies and heaps of stuffing 🙂

    xo marlen
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