Less Traveled

The city of LA has been glorified to no end. It’s a place where dreams are made of; a corner of the world where the sun shines all year long; a melting pot of diverse cultures; and a blank canvas to graffiti artists. It is also our home. With so many tourist attractions, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the glamorous sights this great city has to offer. While we do frequent Melrose Ave and Sunset Blvd, we also find ourselves (literally) taking the roads less traveled, combing alleys and empty streets for hidden treasures. The LA River is a gem that reflects a more accurate view of the city that we know and love. With its many layers, it is the perfect balance of the grunginess of LA and the softness of CA. After walking through the alleyway speckled with graffiti, the first sight of the water took our breath away. Because of its covert entrance, the river is a tranquil place to escape from the infamous traffic jams and the constant stress of finding parking. It is a spot that we know we will visit time and time again. Because of its vastness, we may never finish exploring LA, but we relish in the idea that our adventures will never be over.

j: h&m sweater, zara jeans, maison martin margiela boots, raybans, madewell transport tote
b: obey sweater, naked and famous jeans, nike free runs 5.0, raybans, stampd backpack

Since we have been getting so many questions about how to find the LA river, we decided to included a map and directions on how to get to it. We recommend parking on 7th street and S. Santa Fe Ave. and continue walking toward the river, you will then see an entrance down ramp, follow that down and voila you’re at the river.


  1. ahh, your blog is just filled with amazing photography! and you two are equal parts cool and adorable. ❤ i hope someday i can visit LA. would be amazing to have you show me around jasmine! teehee.


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